Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Soon Is Now // The Smiths

I am in awe when I feast my eyes on the Evil Twin ‘The Broken Are The Beautiful’ Collection. The collection has an amazing palette of colours, texture combinations and prints (soooo much velvet, which i dig greatly). I was reading on the YEN website that Evil Twin are doing/have done their first jewellery collection which I for one am quite keen about if the jewellery is going to be anything like the clothing. 

The clothes look as though the designers were inspired by the old school witchcraft & black magic movies and TV shows that were on during the wee hours of the morning on a friday night. The attire definitely reminds me of the craft, hocus pocus, the witches of east wick and charmed. Here is a lil bit of movie muse photographs to inspire you to add some velvet, creepers, round sunglasses & overly teased locks onto your next to do/to buy list.

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