Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swedish Purse // Woven Hand

all above images via Modekungen's facebook page

 Recently I have been trying to reintroduce myself to online shopping and get reacquainted on a more permanent base. I've never really been one for online shopping as I am a very fussy shopper and the idea of not being able to see the item up close and to not be able to try it on just doesn't cut it for me. Though in saying that, this opinion has gone straight out the window and I will now be diving headfirst into online shopping after recently stumbling upon this amazing little online store Modekungen which is filled with countless delicious little pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories for both men & women. The ridiculous part is that everything on this site is all reasonably priced and to sweeten the deal, Modekungen even ship internationally. Here are a few of my favourite pieces and by a few I mean many.


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