Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giving Up On Love // Slow Club

via whywho
After viewing these pretty little images, they will leave you craving the summertime, the ocean water, have you insisting on rolling around in the sand in your summertime florals and you will suddenly have the urge to sport clogs. These are the images from the New Zealand based footwear label WhyWho 'ONE FINE DAY' 2011/12 collection spring/summer campaign. Each footwear design has a unique touch and come in a variety of neutral colour tones that are suitable for any outfit. A majority of the footwear have been designed with cut out features and exposed areas which allows the perfect balance of leather for a summer shoe. WhyWho's shoe range have the ability to be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion and I also especially love their own laid back and beachy adaption to the beloved creepers. To shop this new collection or to find out more, click here

Giving Up On Love - Slow Club

Here is a song that I think suits the vibe and surroundings of the WhyWho's spring/summer collection. This folk-rock duo are called Slow Club and are from the far away land of England. I stumbled upon this boy girl duo on Nylon Magazine's website, within the bandcrush section . The Nylon website is also where I also came across WhyWho


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