Friday, July 15, 2011

Sea Legs // The Shins

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Elena Perminova is a Russian model, with a wardrobe that every girl would envy and legs that go on for  days. If you didn't think she was already lucky enough with those traits, she also has a Russian billionaire boyfriend, is best friends with Miroslava Duma and has some very cute kids. Each of her outfits all appear so effortless and with a best friend like Miroslava Duma by her side, it would be impossible for her to dress badly. She happilys mixes up prints, patterns and textures within her outfits and does so with utter brilliance and ease. Elena also is definitely not afraid of some bright pops of colour, sporting a vibrant purple long sleeved shift dress with emphasised shoulders. Elena's personal style is unique and quirky with a polished finish from head to toe and is most certainly a worthy style muse I will be taking some notes from.


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