Monday, August 01, 2011

Where It's At // Beck

So i'm finally back and no long MIA! I apologise for the lack of posts as of late, I have been in Sydney for the last week having a jolly ol' time - though i'm now back and promise a large abundance of posts from the trip to share with you all. Last Wednesday night I was invited to the Where&What' Launch Party at The Arthouse Hotel in Sydney which was fun. Filled with lots of art, wine, good company and a room filled with well dressed and creative people. Here are a few happy snaps I took from the night with a few style images also included, though the last two images were taken by The Galeries photographer. The concept of  the exhibition is based on local artists and the environments they create and the various forms of art they each create. These artist's creative spaces have been snapped up by photographer Paul Barbera for this latest exhibit. A few of the artists that are involved are Alpha60, Monster Children, Lucy Mcrae, Paul Davies, Collider and some of Paul's own work from his new book 'Where They Create' is also involved in this project. This exhibition is being held at The Galeries untill August 12th and the artworks are pretty damn cool and quirky. In conjunction with 'Where&What' there is also a photography competition being run for your chance to win an exclusive artwork featured in the 'Where&What' exhibition, for more details to enter click here or click here to see a sneak peak of  Jessie Hill from We The People's creative space. 


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