Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Model // Kraftwerk

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N A O M I P R E I Z L E R // This green eyed 5'11 model is Argentinian beauty Naomi Preizler. This young lady is armed with some strong features, dark eyebrows, long locks, a fierce stare and a definite promising modelling career ahead of her. One of the cool things about Naomi is that she not only imitates art in the form of modelling but also creates it as an Artist too. You can find her artworks and other related pieces at her personal creative outlet, her blog here. Fashionwise, she is a lover of vintage pieces and thrift stores and is fond of oversized baggy styled blouses and t-shirts. After watching her 'Model Citizen' interview with Nylon Magazine its easy to see she has this effortlessly cool vibe that comes naturally to her personality and can be seen in the way she dresses. Naomi has a very interesting and individual sense of personal style, unafraid of patterns and textures. She kind of reminds me of a blonde version of Tallulah Morton with a hint of Andrej Pejic.


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