Sunday, October 16, 2011

Henry Lee // Nick Cave & P.J Harvey

 via lifelounge
             via lifelounge

Henry Holland x Le Specs.
After scrolling through these images from the quirky Henry Holland x Le Specs line, i've come the conclusion that I do indeed need every single pair of these sunglasses. I love everything about this collaboration, Henry Holland, the Le Specs brand, the chosen models, the creative concept for the photo shoot and most definitely the eyewear. How cool are the little shades or as they're called 'hoodies' over the top of the very last sunglasses, litte mini visors for your eyewear? Genius. My two ultimate favourite things about the pieces from this collaboration is the fact that they won't break the bank and also the names of each of the designs like Circle The Mesh, Monobrow, 80-20, Hoodies and Blinders. I definitely need to get my hands on a pair of the Monobrows. 

You can shop the range for just 90 smackaraoo's a pop over at My Catwalk here.


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  1. Oh yes definitely need a pair (or 3!).. They are all so cool, I think I'd have the ones on the girl in the first photo!


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