Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bottle // Ash Grunwald

As I have said before, i'm all for jewellery. There's the crazy cat lady and then theres me, the crazy jewellery lady. Style wise my choice for accessorising usually consists of a variety of el cheapo costume jewellery-esque pieces but every now and then that stand out statement piece of expensive jewellery comes up that I find myself drooling over. I never quite got caught up in the dogtag necklace or charm bracelet hype but one new jewellery piece that has captured my attention is the range of 'bottle' pedants from the creative collaboration between Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Co. These unique pieces are an ideal example of beautiful design and impecable craftsmanship. I think also the fact that it reminds me of a miniature jeanie lamp also contributes to it's loveliness. Don't be intimated by its classic beauty, these little gems can easily be dressed down as they can be dressed up - making them a perfect splurge piece. The price range branches from about $295 - $3950 depending on size, karat and material so you could easily snatch up of one of these designs for a smaller price (though of course I had to be obsessed with one of the more pricey ones!)

Here are a few polyvore sets of what I would wear if one of the little bottled gems were to grace my neck with their presence.

Shop the Elsa Peretti X Tiffany & Co range here
Maybe even 'accidentally' show a loved one the collection and point out which Bottle pendant you'd like Santa Clause to deliver to you this Christmas!


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