Monday, November 21, 2011

When The Ship Goes Down // The Holidays

Tonight i've kept myself occupied lurking the pages of Urban Outfitters and have stumbled upon so many lovely items, with the added bonus of reduced pricing. Another little bonus that has made me a happy little Vegemite is the fact that from today until the 25th of November there is free shipping to Australia for orders $150 and over (USD) by simply entering the code FREEFOROZ at checkout. I for one will be taking advantage of this amazing dealio as the normal rate for postage usually ranges from $30-60. Of course you cannot order one of their build a bikes or a pair of their sweet sofas with this promo but i'm sure we're all too excited to get down in the dumps about that. Below is just a small glimpse into my narrowed down list of my favourite items that i've come across so far.. uh oh.

via urbanoutfitters

Now is definitely the time to stock your wardrobe up with some Urban Outfitters pieces and embrace the love they're giving to AUS.


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