Friday, March 02, 2012

Like It Too Much // Kaiser Chiefs

It would be ridiculously amazing if all my lovely readers could take a few seconds to Facebook 'like' my guest blog post (once you've clicked the link the like button is at the bottom) on the Surfstitch This&That blog here to help me win a trip for 2 to Coachella/Cali.. Yes, COACHELLA! If I was lucky enough to win i'd definitely document the trip and blog about it like mad so I could share the experience with yaaa'll of course. I will be guest blogging over at the Surfstich blog twice a week until the 23rd of March and the winner will be determined by how many 'likes' the posts attain all together. Feel free to like away, share and peer pressure your peers into doing the same and help me achieve world domination/be the lucky winner of this incredible competition.

Big Love!


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