Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bag Of Gold // Zee Avi

                                                                                                                                                  via lolajagger

The key to finding a good quality handbag suitable for everyday is definitely based on its ability to hold the contents of your whole life on a daily basis. I've always seemed to have quite the admiration for the oversized boxy shape from what I can see with the reoccurring pattern of this style popping up in my life over time. This bag ticks all the right boxes as a carryall and comes in an amazing timeless plum colour, definetely one to add to that overflowing Christmas wishlist. Another thing i've been obsessed with as of late are utility vests, ever since I got my hands on this KJ by Kirrily Johnston one. It caters for two of my favourite things, comfort and practicality, especially for the days when i'm working within assistant styling. So many pockets so little time. 

RR Shopper bag available here.


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  1. i really like your vest!



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