Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac Cover) // Lykke Li

The only thing that could ever be greater than a neoprene skirt, is a metallic silver neoprene skirt. Sass and Bide have created the ultimate statement skirt with this sleek silver bundle of joy, perfect for the festive season. This post is a definite indication that I have a soft spot for shiny silver things, with this silver tibetan coin neckpiece also being a favourite piece of mine at the moment. I had been eyeing off a similar one on an Etsy site days before I had purchased it so I no doubt took on the persona of an overly excited crazy lady when my eyes met with this one at the Surry Hills markets

Outfit //  Sass & bide The Star Turn metallic neoprene mini skirt, Lee Jacket from General Pants, Vintage Silver Coin Tibetan Necklace, Lespecs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses, Playground Weekend boots from Markethq.

Shop the skirt here.


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