Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alley Cats // Hot Chip

 DARREN - boymoments / LAUREN - youronlyblackswan / ROMI - romiyablog
 AMY - bangandbuck /  YAN - parfasseux 

 LAUREN - youronlyblackswan
 YAN - parfasseux

 via lifewithoutandy / All other photos by Myself and Yan of Parfasseux

What better way to wrap up Fashion Week than with an evening at Manhattan Superbowl celebrating the launch of Dan Singles latest solo collection DAAN, stocked exclusively at General Pants. The Friday night festivities involved free bowling, vodka and Redbull in bowling pin shaped cups, a crowd of ridiculously good-looking models, a whole army of ANIMAAL shirts and a 50's retro bowling alley - all in the name of #bowlingforfaashion.

Shop DAAN here.


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  1. is there any couple cooler than bambi and dan? great post this looked like an awesome event!


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