Monday, May 06, 2013

Peaches and Cream // John Butler Trio

 via lolajagger

Last Thursday night's outfit for the SKYY Vodka Live Full Volume Party at the Ivy Pool which seems to showcase my love for animals with the Esther tiger printed cape, cream coloured playsuit and leopard mini clutch box. I refuse to believe that the nights are getting colder so I opted for a playsuit, thankfully the cape did an excellent job of providing warmth and I was able to have a happy medium between Summer and Autumn with this outfit. I first came across the playsuit on the Esther website in the minty green colour and instantly become obsessed with everything about it. Of course inevitably with my luck the mint version had sold out in the XS but looking back I realise that it was indeed a blessing in disguise considering how perfectly suited the colour combination was between the cream  hue of the playsuit and the dark earthy tones of the cape. 

Shop the tiger print cape here / Shop the cream playsuit here 

Outfit: Esther tiger print cape / Wittner Bionica heels / Esther 'no other eyes' playsuit / Leopard mini box clutch



  1. You look amazing! By far my favourite outfit on this blog x

  2. My favourite outfit too, I love that cape, it reminds me of delicate kimonos, but played up against the fierceness of the tiger. Gorgeous.
    x eva

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