Sunday, May 22, 2011

Like Spinning Plates // Radiohead

Here are a few little snippets of some DJ's who (if being a female DJ wasn't already ridiculously cool enough) have impeccable personal style and amazing wardrobe contents. 
Yasmin Shahmir // Yasmin is a british DJ and female hip-hop singer/songwriter whom is of Iranian descent & currently based in the lovely London. Her style is quite eclectic and she isn't afraid of mixing prints and textures together as we can see in the photograph of her wearing a black&white printed maxi skirt, a cream fringed jacket and a black leather handbag. She is able to switch up her style to suite her mood, feelings and attitude of that present moment and that is portrayed in the colour palette she chooses for her outfits. She also perfects the front bangs look and makes me want to grab the closest pair of scissors and starting chopping away at my hair. 

Alice Dellal // Know as a Heiress, Socialite and Brazilian model with some DJ talent & tricks and also a drummer for a metal band. She basically is the girl who single handedly started the whole trend of the 'Undercut' with long hair look, as well as taking on the challenges of all three hair trends at the one time: ombré hair, an under cut & side swept hair. Her personal style is very grungy and edgy with a lot of appearances from leather, studs, denim and lace. You can also identify Alice by her statement long curly ringlet locks that hang about alongside her undercut.   

Bip Ling // 21 year old Bipasha Ling, started out her journey behind the screen of a computer documenting all things cool and quirkly occurring in her life and that caught her eye via her blog. Bip is an ex-art student, blogger, former PR, DJ & also sells art through her blog. She has a quirky and off beat sense of fashion and portrays her art style and creative direction through her threads. She is unafraid of pushing the limits with her attire and although sometimes it seems she may have dressed herself in the dark that morning, she still manages to pull the look off and make us envious of her mixing and matching abilities.

Binki Shapiro // At the 'Phillip Lim Coachella Party'.

Binki Shapiro // She is the vocalist & musician of the lovely band, Little Joy & is also a native of Los Angeles. Binki is admired by her bohemian and effortlessly cool style, usually keeping things casual and chic with soft layers and a mild colour palette. Binki is also dating fellow 'Little Joy' band member, Fabrizio Morietti (Whom is also the drummer for the band, The Strokes) which is just another thing for girls to be envious of her for. Although she isn't exactly a full-time DJ she quite clearly has the skills as she dj-ed this year at the amazing Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival which is held in Indio, CA over a period of three days.

 Leigh Lezark // Leigh is an American DJ & Model who is also known as one third of the New York City-based DJ trio, Misshapes. You may recognize Leigh as she is constantly seen situated in the front row of many major fashions shows, as well as being named the face of Chanel. Karl Lagerfield  is most certainly amongst her number one fans, choosing her to portray the character of the one and only Coco Chanel in his short film 'Remember Now'.  Her personal style involves gothic inclinations which suits her pale skin & ice cold stare perfectly. Her ensembles are bold and edgy and have her oozing with confidence and sophistication. 

Harley Viera-Newton // Harley is known for being an Internet IT girl, DJ, Model and has also been signed to Jay-Z's record label 'Roc Nation'.  You can find her DJ-ing at a club called 'Avenue' on Tuesdays & Wednesdays but if you're unable to get into the neighbourhood you can find her being snapped up by Mark The Cobra Snake here. Her Mother works in the fashion industry and her Father worked in the music industry which has been a large influence on her own personal style and Harley often refers to them as her style muses. She has a fresh faced look paired with long locks and an intriguing sense of fashion and wardrobe that any girl would sell their soul for. 

Here is a lovely video that gives an insight into the enviable wardrobe of Harley Viera-Newton. She speaks of favourite dresses, self-made cheesy birthday t-shirt souvenirs, an hourglass, Jay-Z and her refrigerator.


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