Monday, June 13, 2011

Gypsy Girl // Lior

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From what started out as a night of researching the fragrance Gyspy Water by Byredo Parfums to convince myself to purchase it, turned into a night of scooping out bohemian gypsy luxe photographs and bohemian warrior inspired images. There seems to be quite a gypsy/aztec/bohemian vibe kind of influence taking over the fashion world lately so it seems quite appropriate. These photographs are the images of the events my mind creates that would be associated with wearing the Byredo perfume which for me is tempting me even more, also the fact Kate Bosworth wears it basically seals the deal for me!

(Organic by John Patrick Grey Tee, Winter Kate Harlequin Halter Maxi Dress, Rebecca Minkoff Eye Test Bag, Toga Pulla Ankle Boot, 
Pamela Love Cross Ri ng, Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Micky Sunglasses) 

This is also the outfit I wish I could be wearing right now.. though the weather gods would definitely not permit it, nor would the money gods.

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