Monday, June 06, 2011

She Sees Everything // The Stems

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Today during my travels I saw the loveliest vintage black sheer collared blouse with beaded fringing which continued all around the blouse just below the shoulders. Although I was hesitant and unfortunately ended up passing up on the opportunity to purchase it, I have now re struck my love for all things chiffon and sheer. After creating this little compilation of some favourite sheer pieces it has made me knowledgeable of just how many chiffon and sheer attire Modcloth have to offer, after coincidentally choosing a large portion of Modcloth items for the above photograph.  I definitely favour black as an ideal and staple sheer piece but the transparent printed blouses have caught my eye for some time. Whether it be florals, leopard print or sheer incorporated with lace, it is an ideal layering piece that can be integrated in the wardrobe of any season, both warm and chilly and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Fingers crossed that little sheer fringed gem is still there tomorrow for me to purchase.



  1. This is such a gorgeous collection of photos! I only own a couple of items that could be considered sheer - but I'm definitely inspired to hunt for more now :) Amazing!


  2. Thanks! And honest, I'm in love with the things that you are posting *__*


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