Friday, July 22, 2011

Navy Blues // Washington

An outfit post from todays adventures. The first photograph was the outfit I started out with, thinking it was going to be cold day (considering it is winter) but alas the weather decided to do a 360 and it was quite the warm and sunny Friday. When the day began to warm up I reluctantly had to change out of my long black maxi skirt and change into more weather appropriate attire which is the outfit in the second picture. It seems quite odd that Sydney is facing horrible weather with pouring down rain while here in the regional area it feels like we are in Summer. I'm sure a majority of people would find this as a positive but I am definitely more an autumn and winter kind of girl and prefer the colder months. Twas a busy day that consisted of packaging up items that had sold and sending them off on their way to lovely new homes/owners. How adorable and teeny tiny is this little packaging of some vintage sunglasses? Tonight I shall be venturing into town to see Havana Brown live then two more days of work and I shall be Sydney bound until next Friday. Very excited to spend some time there with my sister, has been quite a while since my last Sydney visit, i've been having some withdrawals..  or maybe they're just sushi and dumplings cravings. Hope you all have a fun and eventful weekend!

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