Friday, September 30, 2011

The Royal We // Silversun Pickups

via vogue
via tfs

Bow down to fashion royalty Margherita Missoni, Eugenie Niarchos and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Not only are these girls pretty powerful together but individually come from pretty incredible families. You'd expect their quirky personal style and immense fashion knowledge to come naturally to them considering they basically have fashion running through their blood. Eugenie Niarchos's family background consists of her being the daughter of Stavros Niarchos, grand daughter of Gloria Guiness and niece of Daphne Guiness, making her a heiress to the Guiness family. Margherita is more so the most know out of these three, being the heiress to her family's fashion house, Missoni.  She has been the face of Missoni's fashion campaigns plenty of times and is also an aspiring actress. Lastly we have US born Brazilian and Columbian socialite and heiress, Tatiana Santo Domingo. Tatiana is most recognised as the other half of Andrea Casiraghi, whom is second in line for the Throne of Monaco. Each outfit Margherita, Eugenie and Tatiana wear is always intriguing, well executed and styled to perfection. I especially love the large quantities of vibrant hues they incorporate into their outfits, which i'm sure is very Missoni inspired. Favouring bright colours, prints, luxe textured fabrics, sheer delicate pieces and bold structuring, these girls are right on the money.  

Want to know what it's like to be running around as Margherita Missoni? Then direct your eyes onto this video, courtesy of Russian Vogue. 



  1. So colourful and fun! Imagine how long you could spend rifling through their cupboards...heaven!

    -Laura xox

  2. well the only one who might have an enviable wardrobe would be eugenie. but then again, what's the point if you are this brutally ugly. on top of being really short with blas verging on unappetizing body.
    tatiana cannot dress to save her life. margherita's family is borke that's why it is convenient to consistantly dress in the missoni rubbish under the pretext of being the brand's "embassador".
    marge and tats are both fat and full of cellulite. and ugly. missoni might have at occasions looked a notch better, but she is aging so raidlyit is scary. guess those acid trips, the partying and drinking are taking their toll. lately she frequently looked like a mid aged (45 year old), middle class mother of four.
    tatiana is just hopeless. and andrea is trying to cut lose whenever he sobers up. to bad h is such a powerful drug ...


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