Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sunday Girl // Blondie

via sundaysomewherefacebookpage

A few days ago I stumbled upon this freshly new Sydney based eyewear brand and I am pretty excited for its arrival. The label describes their designs as 'beautifully crafted, classic, and modern frames'. The eyewear enthusiasts duo behind Sunday Somewhere is made up of Dave Allison from COLAB eyewear and Carlos Aviles from AM eyewear. These two decided to join forces and establish an eyewear range influenced by the infusion of the past and the present to create the creative direction for the eyewear. The frames show reference to classical vintage outlines, elaborate avant-garde detailing with cutting edge materials for the  modern twist. The duos vision was to create a line of fresh, covetable and timeless eyewear and i'm excited to see what the final product is. Stayed tuned for their release of the line which is due worldwide this month, otherwise feel free check out their facebook page. Bottom line is, i'm down with anything that involves Rachel Rutt. 

Keep checking back at the 'Sunday Somewhere' site here.  


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