Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cut Here // The Cure

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After lurking through the pages of ASOS I have come across some lovely pieces with subtle (and not so suble) cut out features, which rekindled my love for this detailing. I'm not a big fan of large amounts of overly exposed cut out's but I certainly don't mind the statement aspect of it on a subtle place within an article of clothing. I think my favourite places for the cut out is either on the shoulders or the back, with the above photographs being great examples of how to pull off this look. This distinctive feature can transform an outfit instantly and is perfect for the hotter days that are soon to arrive. It's also the perfect do it yourself alteration that can be easily done to a shirt or dress to add that extra quirkyness and edge, allowing you to keep cool.. while looking cool! (Yep I did just say that)

Here are a few of my favourite cut out detailing pieces from ASOS, available online here


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  1. Beatiful!!!


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