Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Bullets // The Shins

The colour combination pink and orange is arising and seems to be creeping up wherever possible. After seeing this vibrant dynamic duo work its magic throughout the Sass and bide A/W '11 collection, I have been completely drawn to it. Though i've always been a big fan of this duo after I saw Kate Bosworth in that Proenza Schoulder mesh dress (pictured above). This combination works so well together whether it's infused together with clothing, makeup or footwear. I paired these two hues together in my outfit today and it most certainly made me appreciate the warm weather more and brightened up my outfit instantly, though of course me being me I still had some black incorporated into my outfit. 

Here is a little snippet of my outfit from today, courtesy of Instagram.

Outfit: Vintage pink and black floral blouse worn open, Cotton On burnt orange jersey maxi skirt, Thrifted woven side bag, Black singlet,Red Chanel nail polish, Gold coin necklace via The Philippines  and Sportsgirl sandals.



  1. So glad spring has rolled around and everyone has decided that colour is fashionable again. I got so sick of wading through blacks and greys in stores all the time! Just because it's cold doesn't mean I want to dress like a polar bear.

    -Laura xx

  2. Loving the orange and pinks, and love your own style.


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