Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Cut Like A Buffalo // The Dead Weather

Laser cutting is not only on trend within the art world but is also lurking around the fashion world making its mark. Pictured above is an incredible laser cut money art piece courtesy of Scott Campbell. His amazing collection of artworks are made up of large quantities of one dollar american bills that have been laser cut to represent certain images or objects. Seeing the pieces by Scott have increased by desire to include some laser cut apparel into my wardrobe and has definitely upped my curiosity towards it. This intricate detailing is a great addition to the aesthetic of any piece of clothing and instantly adds a statement. Here are a few perfect examples regarding this little trend, showing the different ways you can incorporate it into your outfit. 

Below are some of my favourite dream laser cut pieces in clothing, accessories and footwear form. Though for a more budget friendly approach check out the ASOS leather lilac laser cut shorts that are currently on sale for $32.88 here
Vanessa Bruno Athé black leather skirt, Valentino patent leather handbag, Proenza Schouler lace up high heels, Christopher Kane floral clutch, Azzedine Alaia zipper dress.

Stay tuned for a follow up post featuring some more of the laser cut artworks from the unbelievably talented Scott Campbell.


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  1. omg!! esas cejass!


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