Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Flying Colours // The Getaway Plan

So I feel that this dress makes me look like i'm around the age of 5 years old and a real life version of a cast member from the children's television show Madeline (all I need is the hat and i'm set) but none the less I absolutely love it. The print, the collar, the bow, the cinching in the waistline, the length, the vibe - everything about this dress puts me in such a good mood whilst wearing it. Whenever i've come across vintage dresses that i've liked they've usually been too long due to my lack of height, too big or just not right but I think i've finally found the perfect vintage dress. I'm a sucker for long dresses and long skirts so I had a blast twirling around in this little number all afternoon. I admire Isabel Lucas' ability to wear dresses like this and similar pieces on a day to day basis so effortlessly, it makes me have the sudden urge to go out and seek out more little gems like this one. 

Outfit // Vintage printed collared dress, Sportsgirl tan sandals, Teapot calico bag from Beechworth, Sportsgirl ring. 



  1. That is a great find - I must start going vintage shopping! (:

    xx Nicole

  2. Umm dude, I'm in love with your dress. The collar, the colours, the loose-but-still-kinda-nice-shaped-ness!


  3. this dress is beyond incredible! and so is your blog xo


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