Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bones & Skulls // Bibio

On the 31st of October I attended General Pants' first Halloween Party that was held over at The Standard (above Lo-Fi Collective), The GP Pants Party. It was such a fun night filled with amazing mexican inspired decor, crazy halloween costumes, face paint, a never ending supply of mini Guzman Y Gomez burritos, free booze and live music. The theme of the party was the mexican holiday called Día de Muertos, aka Day of The Dead which i'm sure you can tell from My Sister and I's scary makeup and attire. Everyone had a ball dancing away to local bands Made In Japan and Myth & Tropics as well as Dj Ember and Camden. If anyone knows how to throw a party its definitely the General Pants Co Team.



  1. Totally amazing halloween make-up, looks insane.x

  2. Where did you edit this photos?


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