Sunday, November 13, 2011

Milkshake // Yuck

This post is the result of consuming too many peppermint soy shakes, Mangoes and punnets of raspberries on a regular basis within the last couple of days. Looking back at these photographs it appears to resemble a rainbow Paddle Pop blur. You can see many examples of these colours throughout the Alice Mc Call 1st SS/11 Collection, Cat of The Duchess. Drops of peppermint, lemon, light pink, soft blues, orange hues and lilac work hand in hand with all the delicate fabrics and detailing in creating the perfect pieces for the upcoming summer. The peppermint dress in the middle of the above photographs is the 'Stuck on You' dress and the light orange top below is the 'Return to Sender' cami which are both a small example of my favourite pieces from this spectacular collection. Below I have styled the cami with a mixture of colourful hues, a pair amazing flatforms and the perfect coloured fedora. I would be one happy girl if every single one of these items decided to relocate to the inside of my wardrobe.


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