Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Knock Three Times // Tony Orlando

A selection of some favourite images that have been floating around our visual inspiration page/sister site, VivienByron. The first image is a still from a beloved childhood movie called Now and Then which is still one of my all time favourite movies to this date. If you haven't already seen it or come across it, you need to get to a video store and sit yourself down with this film stat. Pair Now and Then with The Babysitters Club and you have yourself the perfect summer's night in. It's even full of visual inspiration and style muses like Christina Ricci and Thora Birch and will have you wanting to ride around your neighbourhood on a rad vintage bike belting out lyrics by Tony Orlando. The rest of the images are filled with flowers, feathers, lace, wood accessorising, Alexa Chung, Pamela Love's amazing array of body ink and jewels and the pretty colours of nature in vegetable and fruit form. How incredible is the black and white speckled feather necklace in the last photograph? A definite D.I.Y that needs to be completed asap. 

For more similar images visit VivienByron here.


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