Friday, May 25, 2012

I Turn My Camera On // Spoon

Finally got around to getting my disposable camera from my last visit to Sydney developed. I've acquired quite a big love for disposable cameras as of late and seem to find myself carrying one with me everywhere I go these days - they're just too much fun! 

Rachel Rutt x Toi Et Moi MBFWA // One Teaspoon Fashion Week Wrap Up After Party at Hugos with The Wardrobe PR girls // Models @ MBFWA // Freshwater Beach // Ollie Henderson x Toi Et Moi MBFWA // Being a tourist @ Sydney Opera House // Japanese Bento Boxes at Pinocchios // Chambord Margaritas @ One Teaspoon Fashion Week Wrap Up After Party // Models MBFWA.

Happy Weekend Yaaa'll! 
(Channelling my inner Miley Cyrus)



  1. Love I Turn My Camera On. One of my favourites from the O.C. mix.
    Disposable cameras are just good old fashion fun. I love the fact you have no idea how the photos turn out and the excitement when you actually get them developed!

    Mel x

  2. Lovely photos!


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