Friday, May 25, 2012

Tusk // Fleetwood Mac

Todays events: I scored an incredible haul from some local op shops, had lunch at the loveliest cafe, purchased the perfect shades of nude and neon pink nail polish, finally found a shaggy vest I actually liked and was introduced to the amazing new online collective, Tusk. I think those sequence of events make for a very productive and excellent rained out day off from work. After lurking through the Tusk website I think it's pretty damn impossible not to fall in love with every single piece within their limited edition capsule collections. There may only be 6 different items that make up 'Collection 1' but they have both yourself and your humble abode covered with rings, dresses, lanterns, head pieces and boots available for purchase. How freeeaking amazing are the Wild Honey boots?! They're on a whole other level of awesome. 

Shop Tusk here.


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