Monday, November 05, 2012

Heart It Races (Cover) // Dr. Dog

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November has definitely got to be my most favoured month of the year thanks to three main contributing factors: My birthday month, Movember and the plethora of Race Days that happen at this time of the year. I myself am not a huge fanatic about actually attending the Races though I don't mind the odd one here and there. I see myself more as an observer and appreciator of pretty printed dresses and fascinating fascinators. For someone who has a not-so-secret obsession with prints, patterns and prints on prints i'm actually a big fan of Derby Day and its classic monochromatic race wear attire - sophistication at its finest. Pictured above are the selection of dresses i've spent my morning drooling over, perfect for both Derby Day and Melbourne Cup. I then headed over to Matches Fashion and continued to drool over their incredible selection of designer dresses.. what can I say it's been a productive morning for me. Melbourne Cup may be less than 24 hours away but you still have time to get shopping for Oaks Day and Stakes Day, though really who needs any actual reason to buy an amazing new dress? 


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