Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mississipi // The Griswolds

Nicole from ConfidentLiar and Shikha from RedMeraVintage via lolajagger
Shikha from RedMeraVintage via lolajagger
                                                                                                          Panama via lolajagger
Jessie from WeThePeople, Nicole from ConfidentLiar, Shikha from RedMeraVintageXiaohan from Xssat and I via lolajagger

A few captured moments from the Cheap Monday Backyard Sessions a few Sunday's ago. An afternoon filled with musical tunes courtesy of The Griswolds, Panama, Cabins and DJ Moonbase Commander live in the backyard of the Paddington Primary School. Armed with a stash of 'Cheap Monday dollars' I devoured some veggie burgers from the BBQ accompanied with a never ending supply of deliciously sweet Strongbow Summer Fruits Ciders (i'm currently obsessed with the Mango & Passionfruit!) - A cruisy and boozy end to the week.


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