Thursday, December 06, 2012

Party (Beyonce Cover) // Chairlift

Pedestrian.TV have that knack for being able to throw parties that are pretty much the best of the best and a crazy amount of fun. Their latest social gathering involved just that and more as you can see in the first photograph, with the venue being quite literally the ultimate summer party spot. The Pedestrian.TV Awards Presented by Lipton Ice Tea + Contiki were held at Wylie's Baths in Coogee on Tuesday night accompanied with sun deck chairs, a Lipton Ice Tea photobooth, red and white beach balls, a dj set by Amy Meredith and a wall that showcased the photography talent of the finalists. The overall 2012 photo of the year award was awarded to Mitchell Mclennan with this incredible black and white portrait.

1// The amazing location of the Pedestrian.TV Photography Awards Presented by Lipton Ice Tea + Contiki, Wylie's Baths - Coogee. 2// Beach Ball'n. 3// A snippet of a few of the images of the finalists. 4// Krystle K & I. 5// Danny and Sarah Bahbah of Raised By The Wolves fun size cheque! 6// Beach Ball'n/Basketball'n? 7//Amazing location and an amazing view. 


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