Thursday, December 06, 2012

Summer Holiday // Wild Nothing

Look #3 from our Streetstyle collab with Rachael Ruddick and yes thats right, I am wearing a knuckleduster. This knuckleduster would definitely have to be the ultimate addition to any arm/hand party, instantly taking your badass street cred to a whole new level. Chambray, floral and a classic tan duffle bag are definitely my go-to pieces when it comes to summer. These colours when combined with the floral are the epitome of a summer outing ensemble. This May maxi dress is another dress I have a ball wearing thanks to its twirling and floating-about-in-the-wind-like-a-jellyfish abilities. 

Roberto Cavalli Printed Silk Dress via, Proenza Schuler Sleeveless Shirt via,  Miista Mansi Boot via, Rachael Ruddick Knuckleduster via RR, Rachael Ruddick Gold Cuff via RR, Rachael Ruddick Devon Duffle Bag via RR. 

You can find the bag here, dress here, shirt here and knuckleduster here.


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