Friday, March 01, 2013

Blue Orchid // The White Stripes

Channelling inspirations from all different directions with this ensemble, a Bon Jovi enthusiast bumble bee slash jail inmate. I've been quite lucky with my recent op shopping finds within the last couple of weeks with this Bon Jovi T-Shirt being the latest find. I've started to become quite fond of the effortless ability to dress up a band tee with the additions of a  high waisted skater skirt and a pair of pointed heels. I thought i'd break up the bumble bee colour effect of the yellow and black with a couple of splashes of leopard print to contrast with the stripes, the perfect combination. Oh and I got a haircut - Goodbye balayage. 

Thrifted 2010 Bon Jovi Tee, Vintage black and white striped skirt, Leopard Pointed Heels via General Pants, Vintage sunglasses, One Teaspoon nail polish.


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