Friday, March 08, 2013

Santa Cruz // Fatboy Slim

                                                                   via lolajagger

Having spent my teenage years working at a Mens clothing store I developed quite a penchant for diy-ing and slashing up mens tees. Luckily enough this Santa Cruz muscle tank already had the perfect cut so all I had to do was pair it with a favourite printed skirt and statement clutch and I was done. If you're a reader of my blog you'd be familiar with one of my more recent posts regarding my new found infatuation with the colour combination of navy and white which probably explains why my eyes diverted straight to this skirt as I was scrolling down the page. When you look closely at the pattern you can see the inclusion of mini ying yang symbols inside a few of the flowers, making it your not so typical floral print. Next on my list of things to do: to get the matching jacket into my life!


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  1. wow I'm loving your style :)


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