Thursday, December 08, 2011

Shelter // Birdy

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Byrdie Bell's fashion versatility and effortless poise in everything she wears never ceases to amaze me. How amazing does she look in those champagne coloured bell bottom Ellery pants? though really, how could you go wrong with a name like Byrdie. Miss Bell's day job consists of being an actress, model and quite the fashion chameleon - most certainly not one to be afraid of textures or maxi lengths. Whether it's embellishment, denim jackets, floral maxi dresses, textured floral mullet dress, sequin mini dresses, little floral summer dresses, leopard, pink on pink, a sheer camisole with a garter or the beloved Ellery bell bottom pants, she's got it covered. Do you have a favourite outfit of Byrdies?

She also has a tumblr page which you can visit here.


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  1. She's such a gorgeous lady and I love her style! xoxoxo


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