Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wishery (Disney Remix) // Pogo

Apologies for being M.I.A as of late, I was in hospital and ill recently due to a bit of an unexpected health scare and am only now finally catching up with all the copious amounts of emails I have returned to, outfit posts and blog posts. Am I right when I say scheduled posts are the greatest thing invented? Definitely helped keep the blog posts rolling while I was away from my beloved Macbook. Anyway! I'm back, healthy again and recovering well from Surgery so I will be blogging away and internet addicted again in no time. Perfect timing for Christmas wishlist making and lurking the internet for pretty things for Santa to bring me. Right now I most certainly am having a field day on the Molten Store site - that store is filled with some seriously cool stuff. Not only do they stock some amazing jewellery lines and other bits and pieces but they now have their very own line called Molten Relic that is exclusive to their online store. An array of some amazing bohemian jewellery, clutches, totes and accessories that have been inspired by sun, sand and surf. I can confidentially say i'm 100% obsessed with the 'Clever Bones' clutch. Here is a small (or not so small) compilation of my favourite pieces that i'd like to find wrapped up in pretty packaging under my Christmas tree come the 25th of December. 

Because who doesn't love smelling like marshmallows, accessorising with shells, wearing wonderful jewels courtesy of Nicole Ritchie and Erin Wasson and carrying all these beauties in a lovely fieldguided tote with your MMMG notebook in the other hand. 

What is your favourite Molten Relic piece?


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